We enhance sports performance, prevent injuries and eliminate existing and often long term physical problems.

World Record Holder Oliver Dudley, British Team Rock Climber Adrian Baxter & AiM’s mad scientist Hamish Wolfenden give their take on the AiM Technology.

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Anatomy in Motion ClinicsClinics

As an individual, is your pain preventing you from achieving your goals? Do you feel that your body holds you back from achieving your goals?

Back pain? Sciatica? Hip, knee or ankle problems? Shoulder pain? Muscle tightness?

Allow me to introduce you to the AiM Technology and put these problems in the past. We do that: quickly, efficiently and safely.

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Anatomy in Motion CoursesCourses

As a trainer or therapist, do you want to learn ‘next generation’ movement therapy techniques? Understand the function of the human foot better? Successfully help clients with pain and get them back on their feet and training again? And do all this faster, more effectively and with greater understanding than your peers? Do you want the ultimate tool in your tool box?

Choose AiM as your training provider and we’ll guide you on your journey to understand human movement and it’s role in therapy, performance and potential.

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